5 Best Keto Snack Boxes – The Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

keto snack low carb diet

keto snack low carb diet

What Is The Best?

I have enjoyed being on the keto diet for close to a year now. I’ve learned a lot and tried many keto friendly snacks.

The problem with those snacks is that you have to make them yourself (anyone else miss the convenience of ready made snacks?).


That’s why I love keto snack boxes! There are so many options, it can be a little intimidating.

So today we’ve compiled a list of keto snack boxes for your convenience (there it is!).

Recommended Keto Snack Boxes

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keto snack box low carb food

Is That Keto?

  • 4 Star Amazon Rating
  • Our Top Pick For Best Keto Snack Box


Cedar Mountain Trade Co. Keto Snack Box Is Loaded Down With 20 or 40 Count Ultra Low Carb Snacks For Individual Grab-N-Go Ketogenic Lifestyle. 

  • Most Keto Friendly Snack Box
  • Tons Of Variety
  • 0g - 3g Carbs Per Snack
  • Available in two sizes
  • Free Shipping With Prime
  • No Monthly Subscription
  • Takes Up Space
  • 4 Star Amazon Rating
  • Runner Up In Our List Of Best Keto Snack Boxes
keto snack low carb food


F-Bomb Nut Butter Snacks Are Perfect For Anyone On The Move & In Ketosis. Designed For An Active & Healthy Lifestyle.

  • Tough Packaging
  • Full Of Good Fats
  • Craving Killer
  • Free Shipping With Prime
  • Can Subscribe
  • Thinner Than Peanut Butter
  • Smaller Items
  • 4 Star Amazon Rating
  • We Recommend This Snack Box For Keto Beginners


Bunny James Boxes Are Premium Low Carb Keto Box Assortment

  • 15 Low Carb Snacks
  • Great To Sample Trusted Brands
  • Perfect For Dirty Keto Beginner
  • Monthly Subscription Available
  • Free Shipping With Prime
  • Some Small Items
  • Some items contain cane sugar
  • 3.5 Star Amazon Rating
  • Recommended For The Cookie Monster In Us All!


Fat Snak Cookies Aim To Make A Keto Or Low Carb Diet More Enjoyable. 

  • "Keto's Favorite Cookie"
  • 3 Flavors In Variety Pack
  • Sugar Free
  • Free Shipping With Prime
  • No Subscription
  • Small serving size
  • 4 Star Amazon Rating
  • Recommend Adding A Gift Message For A Low Carb Loved One


SmallTown Table Offers A Low Carb High Fat Gift Box That Has 30 Items.

  • Can Add Custom Gift Message
  • Voted Best Sampler Snack Box
  • Women Owned Company
  • Free Shipping With Prime
  • Some Products Contain Gluten
  • No Subscription 

To finish up, keto snack boxes can be a great addition to your low carb food pantry.

This is a great list and buyer's guide for someone who is a beginner to keto or just looking for low carb food. 

As always, make sure you read all the ingredient labels before deciding on which box is right for you. 

Here's a recap of the best keto snack boxes on amazon.

keto snack low carb diet

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