Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet Review

Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet Review
Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet

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Cast-iron skillets are essential tools in our kitchens whether we are pan-frying, baking, searing or cooking anything else. Cast-iron skillet also offers versatility within your means. Upon using them carefully, the skillet can be an alternative to much non-stick cookware that may be hazardous to your health.

When it comes to choosing the right skillet, Lodge is one of the dominant manufacturers who have sufficient experience of making kitchen aids.



  • High –quality cookware to cook many recipes
  • Two loop handles
  • Compatible with many heat sources
  • Wide surface
  • Pre-seasoned skillet
  • Lifetime durability
  • Handles of the pan are short, do not allow a proper grip
  • The interior surface is rough and sometimes food sticks to the edges of the pan

The seasoned cast iron has emerged as an exceptional product that does not compromise on the quality and is a perfect choice for not only cooking meals at home but hotel, restaurants, and buffet.

Making Burgers In Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet

About The Product 

Lodge has designed the product with a natural pre-seasoned feature that enables cooks to prepare healthier meals expertly.  Besides that, the product has 17 inches in diameter providing ample of cooking surface to cook large meals.

Buyers value something that guarantees durability with a reasonable price, and seasoned cast-iron skillet has a high-quality design that promises a long-term functionality of the product. The product sets its aim to make cooking less labor intensive by making high-quality iron cookware.

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    Multi-functional cookware
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    Ready-to-use and Pre-seasoned
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    Comes with  handle loops  for more comfortable handling
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    Can cook with induction stovetops
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    Virtual non-stick surface
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    17 inches wide  diameter for more cooking surface
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    Long term durability
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    Suitable for a variety of heat sources

Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet is quintessential for its versatility and elegance making it an essential kitchen aid of your cooking. The excellent design and features of the pan suit both a seasoned expert and an apprentice cook. The 17 inches diameter of the pan makes it a perfect choice to cook large meals for a crowd.

The pre-seasoned iron skillet comes with dynamic loop handles that ensure to support the big size of the pan and make your cooking easy.

The handy structure of the Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet does not only make it perfect stove cookware, however, but it is also equally safe if you are cooking over campfire or baking something in the oven. It entails an active temperature control to disperse the heat evenly regardless of its 17 inches diameter.

Lodge family considers your cooking more than just a business and that reflects in the simple design of the product. It has a unique versatility that allows you to add a variety of flavors in your cooking recipes. The Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet is ideal as product when it comes to weekend BBQs and burger parties on the patio.

There are so many things you can do with the product - you can even take it out camping and cook delicious meals!

Moreover, the cookware inculcates a black patina, which is a vegetable oil seasoning. The coating is 100% functional application as compared to other iron pans which use cosmetic application.

Using Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet

The cookware is further treated with an electrostatic sprayer and then rides through a high-temperature commercial conveyor oven to allow a complete oil penetration in the pores of the pan. Plus, this oil coating helps pan with smooth release finish. The process of seasoning also serves the purpose of an indicator to identify varnish stage of the cast iron pan.

Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet is  multi-functional cookware catering all kind of cooking process like simmering, sautéing, baking, searing frying and braising.  Moreover, its compatibility with induction stove-top sets it apart from the other skillets. The product has exceptional heat retention that helps pan control temperature and provides even heating.

Whether you are cooking on the stove, grilling something or preparing something over a campfire, Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet gives you leverage to cook your food with different heat sources.  You can also cook food with ceramic-glass top stoves and electric gas ovens.

Thus, by using products like Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet, cooking is not only becoming convenient but fun. You can enjoy outdoor food without having to worry about taking much cookware if you have your cast iron skillet.

What Others Say

Whether it is size, price or cooking versatility, Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet has somewhat managed to make an excellent image in the mainstream market of skillets. Buyers are happy to buy a product with such an enormous surface that is compatible enough to go along with a variety of heat sources.

The product has some incredible features including a standard size, loop handles and a seasoned surface suitable for both indoor and outdoor cooking. Moreover, buyers have expressed their satisfaction with Lodge’s excellent, useful and amazingly large skillet that facilitates cooking in every way.

Buying Advice

Buyers have found the skillet is a bit pricier than other cast iron skillets, other than that; there are no concerns have been against the product.  The multi-functional cookware like seasoned iron cast skillet is a worthy investment especially for the buyers who prefer quality over price. If you are an interested buyer, the product is available on Amazon under $20.

Final Verdict

To crown it all, Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet is undoubtedly a boast to an American big meal tradition with its rustic look and capacity. The product has a perfect size to serve to sauté and cook food.  Not only this, the product is a standard innovation that can be handled conveniently with its dynamic loop handles, economical an essential kitchen aid.


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