Vegetable Omelette

Cast Iron Recipe

Cooking a vegetable omelette with a cast iron recipe can seem scary at first…the eggs…the cheese…the sticking….the horror! It can be enough to dissuade even a seasoned cook…but there is good news. As long as your pan is seasoned well and you follow a few steps, a vegetable omelette cooked in cast iron is completely doable (and totally better vs a teflon omelette).

Cast iron recipe vegetable omelette


A few things to keep in mind before starting with this cast iron recipe: always pre-heat your cast iron skillet on med heat for at least 5 minutes before using…failure to do so is a common cause of food sticking and of course that is not fun.  Also, I use Ghee butter and Grapeseed oil, but you can use whatever fat you want with this recipe.

This is a vegetable omelette from a cast iron recipe that uses bell pepper and spinach, but it can be easily customized with many other toppings (bacon, sausage, cream cheese, mushrooms, etc). We like to saute our veggies in Ghee, or clarified butter; it’s butter that has been cooked to remove the milk fats and is an excellent option for those with dairy allergies…did I mention it’s super yummy too?

I love vegetable omelettes, especially those cooked with a cast iron recipe. Although this is technically a ‘breakfast food’, you can make this anytime… my favorite time is when I need to get supper done quickly.

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